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Greetings and Welcome!  I’m Sara from, and – Forced Fem is my newest blog!  Forced Fem will be devoted to Sissification, Forced Feminization, Forced Bi, Sissy Training, Crossdressing, Transformation  & all things Girlie and Sissy!  I’d like my Forced Fem blog to be an intriguing virtual place for sissies and pantyboys to visit and also to contribute to!  Sissy stories, t-girl experiences,  forced fem confessions, crossdresser photos and anything you’d like to share as a sissy or girlie would be welcome to post on my blog.  Email to me:  Sara | at | SarasPlayroom | dot | com.  Let me add that I’m only interested in original material, don’t lift stories or photos and claim they’re yours like a few sissies or faggots have in the past when contributing to my other blogs, haha, how do you spell ultra busted?

In addition, you can call me on for personalized sissification, forced feminization, transformation or forced bi sessions.  Generally, I’m available on Niteflirt 4 -5 nights per week, late nights that is.  Due to my other continuing endeavors, I’m not available during the day.   I can also customize sissy training via Niteflirt Pay-to-View emails which might be perfect for you if you don’t have the privacy to call or are too shy to make a sissy phone sex connection.


7 Responses to “Forced Fem!”

  1. fan of Sara Says:

    I love you Sara! I’m so happy you have a new site.

  2. Kevin Andrea Says:

    This is gonna be good

  3. sissiboi Says:

    turn me from sissiboi to shemale please!

  4. sissydweeb Says:

    I am a sissy dweeb for Sara.

  5. CeCi Says:

    I heart all your blogs. I will call you soon Sara!

  6. markie Says:

    o my so need to be femd, long to be female. so soft n gentle 59/male want this for many yrs. if i knew what i do now id changed yrs ago giggles

  7. Lily Says:

    Yeah Lelo is the best…

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