Forced Feminization, Sissification, Forced Bi, Sissy Phone Sex

i had wild sissy French maid dreams twice this week. in my dreams i started cleaning houses so i could wear sexy French maid’s outfits including one in hot lavender. i did get some cleaning done, but mostly customers enjoyed shoving strap-ons and dildos in my face and admired my sucking technique. “Good GURL,” I heard so much. “Choke on it,” they demanded but i never choked, just sucked it deeper!! Sara, your blow job training has made me such a good sissy cocksucker!

The second dream i was in a black french maid’s outfit and black stockings…black stockings look so hot on my legs. This time i had to clean the place of a hot domme chick and also to respond in French: oui, non, mais bien sur madameoiselle. i felt like such a sissy French maid. The domme girl was so sexy and had a purple jelly strap-on. She also had two slaves there in panties. i liked her yummy dong but i had to give the two (average older dudes) pantyboy slaves super blow jobs. They kept kidding me, “are you really a gurl…you have a big bulge in your panties!” But i sucked harder and made them forget that. such fun French maid dreams. You know you’re a sissy when you dream about being a sissy. Or a French maid. Last 48 hrs felt SOOOOO sissy. Maybe it is the new BUTT Plug? …a perfect size and played w/ it 2 nites straight.

Note from Sara: Yes, when you dream of being a sissy or French maid, it reflects your subconscious desires, so you really are a sissy when you dream of being a sissy!

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