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It’s a mystery that Ohio law enforcement will surely spend a lot of time investigating… This past week, nearly 1,700 pairs of both new and worn women’s panties were found along a roadside, dumped in trees and bushes in a rural area about 30 miles from Columbus. The lead deputy on the case reported that the ladies undies were collected as evidence and when all were retrieved, they filled 10 trash bags. He also reported that the women’s panties were in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. There are no clues as to whom they belonged to or why they were dumped along the rural roadside. But the question everyone wants to know is: Who dumped their panties? And why?

My guess? This was the panty collection of a pantyboy who felt compelled to toss, whatever his reasons were. But if the pantyboy really wanted to abandon his fetish for panties, he could have just put them in trashbags and left them in dumpsters discreetly, so that no one would know. Instead, he dumped them in a location where he wouldn’t likely be caught scattering them, but where he knew the panties would be found. He probably knew that it would become a law enforcement and media focus, which it has. Local news teams have reported on the story (see news reporter with panties on a stick below) and national news blogs picked up the story as well.

News Reporter Finds Panties in Ohio

My other guess? The pantyboy is enjoying all the media attention about his former panties. This is a pantyboy who made a big gesture in tossing them away, but he won’t be able to suppress his panty fetish and will be back in panties soon.

Edited to add: My friend Nicole read this post and suggested: Maybe it was the pantyboy’s wife or girlfriend who threw them out? Personally, I can’t imagine a wife or girlfriend gathering 10 trash bags of panties and tossing them out by the side of the road. No, maybe I can!

2 Responses to “Who Dumped Their Panties?”

  1. frillypantygurl Says:

    I think this pantyboy or pantygurl wanted to go cold turkey! But I agree with you Goddess Sara, he or she will be back in panties. Cold turkey never works if you are trying to break an addiction or fetish. Trust me, I know! I embrace my fetish now.

  2. Lonnie Says:

    he fucked up. whoever his gf or wife is should not take him back. men are just too selfish with their slutty toys n stuff all year to give a damn about the women who love them. he’s a selfish bitch who spent thousands on panties.

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