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Dear Sara,

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? Probably not, I know you’re so busy! I’m one of your sissy fans and I love this show. First, I wish I could look as beautiful in the girls in all their hot dresses. There should be a drag queen version of DWTS, I’d definitely want to be one of the contestants if there was. And then I wish I could dance like all of the beautiful women, celebrities or DWTS show dancers. I’m pretty sure some of the male dancers on the show (I mean the DWTS dancers, not the celebrities) are bi or gay. I’d love to suck their cocks, especially Maksim, he’s soooo sexy. His moves are incredible. And I like to look for his bulge and check out his ass. I’m sure I’m not alone in doing this! And I’m sure there are other sissies who do exactly what I do and lust for Maksim or Mark or…

So far this season, I love Lacy Schwimmer’s dresses the best, because I’m not a super skinny sissy, I think I’d look best in her dresses. And also, if there was a Lacy Schwimmer long blonde sissy wig, I’d buy it. Maybe I should look for a similar wig? I also love Kristin Cavallari from back when she was on The Hills, blonde bitches are hot! But even though you’re not blonde Miss Sara, I love you! I attached my favorite dance so far this season with Kristin and Mark, a chacha.

Love, sissy alexis

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  1. Dougie Says:

    This blog has already has made a difference in my sissy life

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