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Sissy Humiliation Lingerie Store

Sissies, have you ever dreamed of Sissy Humiliation lingerie store style where the sales girl totally sees right through you and knows you are a little sissy fairy and decides to humiliate you right there? In the store? Don’t think this can’t happen to you little fairy princess fag! Why do you think girls work in lingerie stores anyway? Most of them, like Victoria’s Secret, pay their sales girls on commission, so the smart girls know when they see their new sissy princess prey prance into the store hahaha. You! A little sissy who needs panties, bras, stockings, teddies, slips, corsets, camisoles, bikinis and more sissy stuff! Jocelyn at Humiliation POV has outdone herself with her latest forced fem sissy humiliation video clip where she humiliates you POV style in a lingerie store. Don’t miss this awesome forced fem clip or all the sissy, fairy, faggot and other mean girl clips at the hottest and most frequently updated Humiliation Clips website. Free preview GIFs and free preview videos and humiliation mp3 audio clips, too. What are you waiting for, click on the sissification clip preview above and sign up now so you can rub your little sissy clit and feel the pantyboy sissy humiliation. Do it now!

3 Responses to “Sissy Humiliation Lingerie Store”

  1. Briana Says:

    I wish YOU were on the humiliationpov site, Empress Sara, I’d totally sign up then! 🙂

  2. admin Says:

    I would love to but I heard they do a lot of clips around Vegas where Chloe and a lot of the girls are and Vittoria has her own camera guy.

  3. briana Says:

    oh, gotcha! well they’re missing out; they should take a field trip to SoFla! all the bois would have to run for their lives lol! but how lucky is vittoria’s camera guy! when i die id like to come back as the camera guy doing Your clips for SaraHumliationPOV!

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