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In addition to forced feminization, you brainless robo-fem bimbo sluts will be forced onto your knees to suck cocks for me. I know from experience that there are very few real lesbian sissies, so don’t deny what you really want! Cock! Sissies crave cock and want to experience cock from the female side, dressed as a girlie girl and down on their knees. I don’t want to hear any pathetic excuses or whining about rug burns or sore knees from “assuming the cocksucker position” on hotel room carpet or in the gloryhole booth. There is always a simple solution to every sissygirl problem and I’ve found the answer to your forced sissy cocksucking needs! Pink knee pads!

pink sissy cocksucker kneepads

As you know, pink is the ultimate sissy color and these pretty pink knee pads will enable you to suck more and more cock for me in comfort and style! Because these perfect sissy knee pads will coordinate with your pink panties or other pink slutty outfits you wear when you’re draining balls of their delicious salty and creamy sperm. And your pretty in pink knee pads will also send a message to any man whose dick you are sucking that you are a dedicated sissy cocksucker bimbo and that you will spend hours down on your knees where you belong. Forced cocksucking is hot and you can’t deny it. You pimped sissy fembots will do as I demand. Plus, you will call me for live forced feminization phone sex and forced cocksucking training on Niteflirt.

Even the girl volleyball player on the pink knee pads packaging looks very dominant. You can tell as she’s getting ready to hit the volleyball, she would be rather be getting ready to hit you on the back of the head, force you to your knees and tell you that her sissy bitch needs to suck dick!

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