Forced Feminization, Sissification, Forced Bi, Sissy Phone Sex

Empress, I am sending you this picture for you to tweet or put on your feminization blog. I am such a little fem. I want to be forced to go further into feminizing including redecorating my condo to be a sissy fem doll house. I found this Hello Kitty house and I would love to live in a sissy girl doll house, totally in pink! I just ordered pink sheets, a pink throw rug, towels, duvet and pillows. I know that’s not enough. I will order more things. I need your guidance. I know I must live like a little femmy fag. I should redecorate everything. I also bought some scented pink candles and air fresheners like you told me to, in very feminine scents. I walked around my condo, and I knew I was supposed to eliminate anything manly, but I really didn’t have anything ultra manly. Except my widescreen tv. And I understand I will have to pay you a monthly tax to keep my widescreen tv and another tax anytime I watch male sports. Believe me, I will not be hosting any more sporting events here at my condo, because I will be too embarrassed to have my friends ever finding out that I love pink things and that I’m living a lie – I’m not a real man.

Pink Sissy

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