Forced Feminization, Sissification, Forced Bi, Sissy Phone Sex

Since starting this blog, I’ve received inquiries about what exactly is the difference between forced feminization and sissification. The major difference is that sissies will typically dress up or put on makeup without “force”. Forced feminization involves some type of fantasy force or coercion. It’s rare that the forced in forced feminization is real. The fantasies are popular. These fantasies typically involve hot girls forcing a man into being feminized. Other elements could involve involve public humiliation, taking photos or videos to post on social media and more. However, below the “forced” element, those who fantasize about being forced feminized, wish to shield themselves with a degree of deniability about their feminization desires. They rationalize that if it’s being forced on them, then it’s against their will. However, why not be forced into any type of fantasy scenario? Why choose forced feminization instead of forced bi or forced intox? Simply the fantasy of forced feminization means that the fantasist desires to be feminized, but enjoys being made helpless and powerless. The fantasist is in denial over his crossdressing and feminization urges and may be in denial over the feminine side of his nature.

Many sissies and forced fem fantasists go through binge / purge cycles as well. They buy a lot of sissy and fem items on their adult account at crossdresser specialty stores, also online cosplay shops, and after feeling remorse for having indulged, they purge till they feel the next urge.

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