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Sissies who send copypasta emails and photos without Tributes will be published on my blog. Sissies who send their skype address and expect free attention will be published on my blog. sissies who don’t want to engage in a paid arrangement with their Mistress will be exposed! Without further adieu, here is sissy Brianna from Florida:

i can be such a dirty whore, yet i am trying to be good. Your profile is SO enticing; You look Dominant and powerful.. i confess to jerking off to videos of ts girls, even though i am straight…i do seem to have self-control for awhile after i cum, but i inevitably go back to those videos and get excited again Mistress.

this one is so weak Mistress; i try to be a man but i even have pics of me in lingerie that I can send you, and using english cucumbers with lipstick on; i should throw them away, nervous about blackmail….yet i am squirming over Your profile…so tempted…even though my wife would leave me if she knew Mistress..blushing. i am also on skype Mistress. Only 6 inches Mistress. i swore i would stop being a pathetic whore when we moved to Fla 8 months ago, Mistress, but i seem to have so little self-control. i also found a cam while unpacking i thought i lost so i can go on cam for you…i don’t want this to be a financial arrangement, don’t you want power and control over a sissy, isn’t power better than money? i am 69 yrs old Mistress, and don’t drink or smoke; squirming over Your profile

Forced Fem readers, you may be wondering, what is an english cucumber?? OK I looked it up:

An English cucumber is a variety of cucumber that has edible skin. English cucumbers are usually narrower and longer than other kinds of cucumbers, and they are also called long English cucumbers.

Well as far as I’m concerned this sissy can stick an english cuke up his ass then after he is done fucking it, he can suck it! Cheap sissies suck!

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