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YES Superior One Princess Sara!! I desire YOUR strict guidance as You continue to Properly & slowly strip me of my manhood & Completely Emasculate this want-to-be sissy girl! OK?

I will be a completely Obedient little sissy girly-girl Fully Ready to Surrender myself to YOU to be under Your total & complete control when I call for my sissy training! Humiliated & Degraded for being the pathetic little prissy sissy Bitch OK? My Superior One Perfect Princess Sara!!! I Do Adore You Sooo much!

I have Already shaved everywhere and I’m NOW painting my nails a Prissy Pearl pink polish color! I cant wait to continue my Training!!! I will be Properly dressed and ready for Another of Your Strict Sissification training sessions under You to confess All!!!

I have been saying my mantra also You gave me to repeat for You as I practiced walking and strutting! This is my new mantra from you that I Do say for You OK?

I am a Princess Pet – the more I strut the sissier I get

YES!!! SO Very Nice! Isn’t it! I will begin NOW with my sissy strutting back and forth! Saying it over and over in my best girly-girl voice OK? Superior One Goddess Princess Sara!? Yes only in Princess Best girlie girl voice for You! YES! I will practice very hard to achieve my Princess girly voice for YOU!Like a good Bitch! Yes! I Do know how it is so important for a passable sissy girl voice!

Yes Princess Sara! I have to submit myself to YOUR sissy training and confess my needs for YOUR Pleasure & Amusement!!! P.S. I’m growing my little sissy boobies as You Ordered me to Do! Thank You My Favorite Princess Sara for Ordering & making me Do this! I Worship You! Your Bitch & bimbo slut sissy girl…

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