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23 March, 2014

Dylan at Humiliation POV and I prove that mean girl minds think alike! We both agree that you sissies should be getting real men off. On cam! I make my sissies do sissy cam shows as part of their forced fem training. Sissy fembots are forced to do live sex chat for free via hooking in Yahoo chat rooms to pick up men as the first part of their training. In the second part of their training, sissies are forced to do it for pay by setting up a cam listing on a popular webcam site and then whatever money they make from their camshows is mine! You sissies have to be dressed like bimbettes or Barbies and be ready to use a big fat dildo in every pink hole or do whatever it takes to make a real man cum. There are many men who love watching sissy cams and who want to get off to a crossdressing fag girl or a hot shemale. It’s a form of public humiliation to go live on cam dressed like a sissie gurl and public humiliation is what you deserve.

sissy cam show

Ultimately, you will be making me lots o’ money on cam and then spending it on me, sending me Tributes or buying me eGift Cards to Victoria’s Secret or Amazon so I can shop, shop, shop. You sissies will be pimped out online as my hookers. You know that you are powerless to resist dressing like a bimbo and doing a steamy cam show for a real man while he strokes his huge cock. If you’re lucky, maybe a hung stud will let you play with your itty bitty sissy clitty during one of your sissy cam shows. Click on Dylan above if you want to read about her feelings on doing sissy cam shows and to join the site where she posts all her humiliation video clips.

One of my sissy slaves got a FREE PANTIES Gift Card in the mail from Victoria’s Secret, so I forced my sissy to go sissy shopping at the VS Store and get the free panties. I demanded a full report and photos. Here is what my sissy slave reported back:

Mistress Sara, I went to the VS store like you ordered me to. We discussed that it would be rude not to buy something else and just go in and show the gift card and ask for free panties. A sales girl immediately pounced on me *giggle* when I walked in and asked if she could assist me in making some Spring selections. I selected a pink bra top because I could put my breast forms in it. Then I selected some black yoga pants because they would show off my tush. And then I asked for the free panties. There were only 5 panty selections in different sizes so I got the one on the card here. Sorry I’m too embarrassed to take a pic of me wearing them like you asked. I am such a nervous little sissy *giggle* and not that passable. I mean my body is passable. Androgynous. But my face is too manly. I know I need to see a professional makeup artist like you recommended that I do for some makeup tricks.

Victorias Secret Sissy Lingerie

So now back to Victoria’s. The girl asked if I would like to make any more gift selections and I said no, they weren’t gifts! Shocker! I then added I was shopping for a friend. But I think she knows that means my secret friend sissy me! Near the counter were many of the VS scents, body washes and other girlie things that I felt this urge to buy. Where does that urge come from? Is it a girlie urge? I was out of there at about $100. I know you said the girls work on commission in addition to minimum wage. 10 – 15 – 20% I wonder… I think 10%. From having worked in sales, I think 20% would be too high. So I hope she made an extra $10 from helping me with my sissy selections. I wonder if she told the other girls about me after I left *giggle*.

29 January, 2014

Princess Lyne Humiliation Clips 4 Sale

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Many of you are already Princess Lyne addicts from her Clips4Sale studio and her empire of domination videos. Well… now Princess Lyne will be making EXCLUSIVE clips you won’t be able to see anywhere else you femmy FAG. You will just have to JOIN! Clickety click on Princess Lyne above and sign up now to get your latest Princess fix as well as see all the other hot HumiliationPOV brats including Chloe James and Vittoria Erotica delivering the most cruel humiliation you will endure and, of course, spill your sissy goo after you wapwapwap.

There is even a forum at the site where you will have the privilege (because you PAID!) to interact with the brats to humiliate you pathetic sissies. In her first clip for HumiliationPOV, Princess Lyne delivers verbal assault on LOSERS like you while wearing her thousand dollar Louboutins that one of her losers paid for! And I know you forced fem sissies wish you could either worship those expensive high heels or wear a pair with your sissy slut outfit. So… now… hear why you are such a loser and why Princess Lyne hates you. Click because you know you will be cumming back for more!!!

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