Forced Feminization, Sissification, Forced Bi, Sissy Phone Sex

4 December, 2013

Dylan at Humiliation POV is right. You can’t be a sissy panty boy bitch and still have manderwear in your drawers. One of my panty boys known as 4″ due to his lack of size has been in panties for over 2 years. At first, he begged to keep his manderwear. He tried to negotiate. He wanted to have just one pair for going to the doctor or similar emergency. I said no and made him throw them all out. So, sissy panty boys, you have some work to do. It’s time to clean out your manderwear drawer. Goodbye boxers, boxer briefs, tidy whities, briefs or men’s undies. The only thing allowed in your drawer is not your drawers, only panties! And to make sure you don’t try to retrieve your manderwear from the trash, you have to slash and burn. Cut up your manderwear with scissors or burn all of them on your BBQ grill with some lighter fluid. Goodbye to the last shreds of manhood that you never had anyway!

Now, it’s time to stock up your sissy panty drawer. You will be forced to go to Victoria’s Secret, as in the actual VS store not the website, or forced to call and place a big panty order live on the phone with one of the VS girls hitting the mute button to laugh at you every 5 seconds!!! For more humiliation, watch Dylan’s POV humiliation video about panty boys like you!

Click Dylan below to watch and weep!

Panty Boy

23 November, 2013

In addition to forced feminization, you brainless robo-fem bimbo sluts will be forced onto your knees to suck cocks for me. I know from experience that there are very few real lesbian sissies, so don’t deny what you really want! Cock! Sissies crave cock and want to experience cock from the female side, dressed as a girlie girl and down on their knees. I don’t want to hear any pathetic excuses or whining about rug burns or sore knees from “assuming the cocksucker position” on hotel room carpet or in the gloryhole booth. There is always a simple solution to every sissygirl problem and I’ve found the answer to your forced sissy cocksucking needs! Pink knee pads!

pink sissy cocksucker kneepads

As you know, pink is the ultimate sissy color and these pretty pink knee pads will enable you to suck more and more cock for me in comfort and style! Because these perfect sissy knee pads will coordinate with your pink panties or other pink slutty outfits you wear when you’re draining balls of their delicious salty and creamy sperm. And your pretty in pink knee pads will also send a message to any man whose dick you are sucking that you are a dedicated sissy cocksucker bimbo and that you will spend hours down on your knees where you belong. Forced cocksucking is hot and you can’t deny it. You pimped sissy fembots will do as I demand. Plus, you will call me for live forced feminization phone sex and forced cocksucking training on Niteflirt.

Even the girl volleyball player on the pink knee pads packaging looks very dominant. You can tell as she’s getting ready to hit the volleyball, she would be rather be getting ready to hit you on the back of the head, force you to your knees and tell you that her sissy bitch needs to suck dick!

4 September, 2013

Humiliation Sissy has been busy making sissy crossdresser public humiliation videos for her Youtube Channel. I order you to subscribe to her channel, so you won’t miss any of her future sissy videos! Here she is, dressed a la Strawberry Shortcake with a Katy Perry pink wig, gingham (not gangnam!!) dress and white stockings with cute lil hearts. The pretty sissy goes out fully crossdressed and made up, fierce and fearless! For all of your sissies who only dress up at home and who fear walking out the door as your sissy self, Humiliation Sissy proves that you can get away with going out in public and experience the thrill of being forced to go to different places such as stores, drive-throughs, etc. I don’t want to hear any excuses from you sissy slut bimbettes who only prance around your place, safe and secure, and then stash your girlie stuff till the next time you want to play dress up. Can you imagine just how fast your little heart would be pounding if went out in public as a sissy crossdresser? Don’t you think your Mistress would get more of a rush when you go out, take pics or shoot a sissy humiliation video for her? Don’t you want to be forced to do something you don’t want to? Otherwise, you wouldn’t do it, would you!?! I know you would completely and totally chicken out, then fantasize about daring to go out in public while you play with your clittie. Well, reality is so much hotter. As you can see in this video…