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25 September, 2012

I enjoy watching videos where a Mistress makes or takes her forced fem sissy maid (go) out in public. In this video, a sissy maid has to walk into a Rite-Aid store and buy condoms and KY on orders from her Mistress. The sissy looks good all dressed up and made up and even walks like a slut in her heels, on a windy and snowy day no less… The Mistress stayed back in the car and captured the event on video. Public humiliation or public exposure as a sissy or French maid is exciting for sissies to experience. I dream up many public humiliation assignments for sissies and even work on desensitization for sissies who are too scared to walk out their door all dolled up. Oh yes, and I can’t forget to mention that I oversee wig, make-up and outfit selection and transformation from head to toe from a boy into a sissy girl. The sissy featured in this public humiliation video notes that she is also locked in chastity. What Mistress doesn’t enjoy keeping her sissy’s clit locked up? I enjoy controlling when a sissy can rub her clit or be permitted to buzz her clittie with a vibrator or cum in another girlie way and train my sissies to have girl orgasms.

I spoke to the sissy featured in my blog post Sissy Public Humiliation Thrill. The sissy in the youtube video displayed in the public humiliation video told me that her shoe selection (which I criticized for not matching her outfit) was a desperation choice. She readily confessed that her shoes didn’t match her forced fem outfit. Why was this femmy girlie in such a desperation predicament? The answer: Her Mistress was forcing her to do the public humiliation sissy assignment with a deadline and if the forced fem sissy didn’t meet the deadline and get the video up on youtube, the Mistress was going to make her pay a penalty and be outed on the internet.

I will be speaking to this Katy Perry pink-haired sissygirl in the future and I will have her do a public humiliation sissy assignment for me with video proof that she will have to post on youtube for everyone to enjoy…including all of my Forced Fem blog readers of course… If you want to be forced fem or to have a forced feminization public humiliation assignment with deadline and penalty, call me on Niteflirt and you will be forced to do an assignment just for me!

Sissy Humiliation Lingerie Store

Sissies, have you ever dreamed of Sissy Humiliation lingerie store style where the sales girl totally sees right through you and knows you are a little sissy fairy and decides to humiliate you right there? In the store? Don’t think this can’t happen to you little fairy princess fag! Why do you think girls work in lingerie stores anyway? Most of them, like Victoria’s Secret, pay their sales girls on commission, so the smart girls know when they see their new sissy princess prey prance into the store hahaha. You! A little sissy who needs panties, bras, stockings, teddies, slips, corsets, camisoles, bikinis and more sissy stuff! Jocelyn at Humiliation POV has outdone herself with her latest forced fem sissy humiliation video clip where she humiliates you POV style in a lingerie store. Don’t miss this awesome forced fem clip or all the sissy, fairy, faggot and other mean girl clips at the hottest and most frequently updated Humiliation Clips website. Free preview GIFs and free preview videos and humiliation mp3 audio clips, too. What are you waiting for, click on the sissification clip preview above and sign up now so you can rub your little sissy clit and feel the pantyboy sissy humiliation. Do it now!