Forced Feminization, Sissification, Forced Bi, Sissy Phone Sex

25 September, 2012

I enjoy watching videos where a Mistress makes or takes her forced fem sissy maid (go) out in public. In this video, a sissy maid has to walk into a Rite-Aid store and buy condoms and KY on orders from her Mistress. The sissy looks good all dressed up and made up and even walks like a slut in her heels, on a windy and snowy day no less… The Mistress stayed back in the car and captured the event on video. Public humiliation or public exposure as a sissy or French maid is exciting for sissies to experience. I dream up many public humiliation assignments for sissies and even work on desensitization for sissies who are too scared to walk out their door all dolled up. Oh yes, and I can’t forget to mention that I oversee wig, make-up and outfit selection and transformation from head to toe from a boy into a sissy girl. The sissy featured in this public humiliation video notes that she is also locked in chastity. What Mistress doesn’t enjoy keeping her sissy’s clit locked up? I enjoy controlling when a sissy can rub her clit or be permitted to buzz her clittie with a vibrator or cum in another girlie way and train my sissies to have girl orgasms.

Some sissies will go out in public for the thrill, some will go out for the humiliation and some will go out because their Mistresses ordered them to. Is public humiliation for sissies the ultimate? For me, sending dressed up sissies out in public is the ultimate kick as a Mistress and should also be the ultimate kick for you sissies. Why hide your beauty? A Sissy Public Humiliation Thrill awaits you if you call me on Niteflirt.

Here we have a pink-haired French maid sissy pumping gas at the gas station. Handling the gas pump. Phallic! The sissy also had to get proof for her Mistress in the form of the video. Then for an extra humiliation kick, she also had to post her video on for more public humiliation and of course this exposes the sissy to thousands of viewers and their comments. Most of the youtube comments were very supportive and complimentary of the sissy except for one comment about her heels didn’t match her outfit. I agree! French maids should be in high heel fuck me pumps, not roman-esque low heel sandals.

Enjoy the sissy public humiliation video and remember while watching it, this could be you! Do you want to be forced to go out in public dressed up as a sissy? Then call me live on Niteflirt to be forced “out” for the ultimate sissy public humiliation!

10 September, 2011

i had wild sissy French maid dreams twice this week. in my dreams i started cleaning houses so i could wear sexy French maid’s outfits including one in hot lavender. i did get some cleaning done, but mostly customers enjoyed shoving strap-ons and dildos in my face and admired my sucking technique. “Good GURL,” I heard so much. “Choke on it,” they demanded but i never choked, just sucked it deeper!! Sara, your blow job training has made me such a good sissy cocksucker!

The second dream i was in a black french maid’s outfit and black stockings…black stockings look so hot on my legs. This time i had to clean the place of a hot domme chick and also to respond in French: oui, non, mais bien sur madameoiselle. i felt like such a sissy French maid. The domme girl was so sexy and had a purple jelly strap-on. She also had two slaves there in panties. i liked her yummy dong but i had to give the two (average older dudes) pantyboy slaves super blow jobs. They kept kidding me, “are you really a gurl…you have a big bulge in your panties!” But i sucked harder and made them forget that. such fun French maid dreams. You know you’re a sissy when you dream about being a sissy. Or a French maid. Last 48 hrs felt SOOOOO sissy. Maybe it is the new BUTT Plug? …a perfect size and played w/ it 2 nites straight.

Note from Sara: Yes, when you dream of being a sissy or French maid, it reflects your subconscious desires, so you really are a sissy when you dream of being a sissy!