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5 July, 2017

Sissies who send copypasta emails and photos without Tributes will be published on my blog. Sissies who send their skype address and expect free attention will be published on my blog. sissies who don’t want to engage in a paid arrangement with their Mistress will be exposed! Without further adieu, here is sissy Brianna from Florida:

i can be such a dirty whore, yet i am trying to be good. Your profile is SO enticing; You look Dominant and powerful.. i confess to jerking off to videos of ts girls, even though i am straight…i do seem to have self-control for awhile after i cum, but i inevitably go back to those videos and get excited again Mistress.

this one is so weak Mistress; i try to be a man but i even have pics of me in lingerie that I can send you, and using english cucumbers with lipstick on; i should throw them away, nervous about blackmail….yet i am squirming over Your profile…so tempted…even though my wife would leave me if she knew Mistress..blushing. i am also on skype Mistress. Only 6 inches Mistress. i swore i would stop being a pathetic whore when we moved to Fla 8 months ago, Mistress, but i seem to have so little self-control. i also found a cam while unpacking i thought i lost so i can go on cam for you…i don’t want this to be a financial arrangement, don’t you want power and control over a sissy, isn’t power better than money? i am 69 yrs old Mistress, and don’t drink or smoke; squirming over Your profile

Forced Fem readers, you may be wondering, what is an english cucumber?? OK I looked it up:

An English cucumber is a variety of cucumber that has edible skin. English cucumbers are usually narrower and longer than other kinds of cucumbers, and they are also called long English cucumbers.

Well as far as I’m concerned this sissy can stick an english cuke up his ass then after he is done fucking it, he can suck it! Cheap sissies suck!

One of my sissy slaves got a FREE PANTIES Gift Card in the mail from Victoria’s Secret, so I forced my sissy to go sissy shopping at the VS Store and get the free panties. I demanded a full report and photos. Here is what my sissy slave reported back:

Mistress Sara, I went to the VS store like you ordered me to. We discussed that it would be rude not to buy something else and just go in and show the gift card and ask for free panties. A sales girl immediately pounced on me *giggle* when I walked in and asked if she could assist me in making some Spring selections. I selected a pink bra top because I could put my breast forms in it. Then I selected some black yoga pants because they would show off my tush. And then I asked for the free panties. There were only 5 panty selections in different sizes so I got the one on the card here. Sorry I’m too embarrassed to take a pic of me wearing them like you asked. I am such a nervous little sissy *giggle* and not that passable. I mean my body is passable. Androgynous. But my face is too manly. I know I need to see a professional makeup artist like you recommended that I do for some makeup tricks.

Victorias Secret Sissy Lingerie

So now back to Victoria’s. The girl asked if I would like to make any more gift selections and I said no, they weren’t gifts! Shocker! I then added I was shopping for a friend. But I think she knows that means my secret friend sissy me! Near the counter were many of the VS scents, body washes and other girlie things that I felt this urge to buy. Where does that urge come from? Is it a girlie urge? I was out of there at about $100. I know you said the girls work on commission in addition to minimum wage. 10 – 15 – 20% I wonder… I think 10%. From having worked in sales, I think 20% would be too high. So I hope she made an extra $10 from helping me with my sissy selections. I wonder if she told the other girls about me after I left *giggle*.

4 December, 2013

Dylan at Humiliation POV is right. You can’t be a sissy panty boy bitch and still have manderwear in your drawers. One of my panty boys known as 4″ due to his lack of size has been in panties for over 2 years. At first, he begged to keep his manderwear. He tried to negotiate. He wanted to have just one pair for going to the doctor or similar emergency. I said no and made him throw them all out. So, sissy panty boys, you have some work to do. It’s time to clean out your manderwear drawer. Goodbye boxers, boxer briefs, tidy whities, briefs or men’s undies. The only thing allowed in your drawer is not your drawers, only panties! And to make sure you don’t try to retrieve your manderwear from the trash, you have to slash and burn. Cut up your manderwear with scissors or burn all of them on your BBQ grill with some lighter fluid. Goodbye to the last shreds of manhood that you never had anyway!

Now, it’s time to stock up your sissy panty drawer. You will be forced to go to Victoria’s Secret, as in the actual VS store not the website, or forced to call and place a big panty order live on the phone with one of the VS girls hitting the mute button to laugh at you every 5 seconds!!! For more humiliation, watch Dylan’s POV humiliation video about panty boys like you!

Click Dylan below to watch and weep!

Panty Boy

4 September, 2011

It’s a mystery that Ohio law enforcement will surely spend a lot of time investigating… This past week, nearly 1,700 pairs of both new and worn women’s panties were found along a roadside, dumped in trees and bushes in a rural area about 30 miles from Columbus. The lead deputy on the case reported that the ladies undies were collected as evidence and when all were retrieved, they filled 10 trash bags. He also reported that the women’s panties were in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. There are no clues as to whom they belonged to or why they were dumped along the rural roadside. But the question everyone wants to know is: Who dumped their panties? And why?

My guess? This was the panty collection of a pantyboy who felt compelled to toss, whatever his reasons were. But if the pantyboy really wanted to abandon his fetish for panties, he could have just put them in trashbags and left them in dumpsters discreetly, so that no one would know. Instead, he dumped them in a location where he wouldn’t likely be caught scattering them, but where he knew the panties would be found. He probably knew that it would become a law enforcement and media focus, which it has. Local news teams have reported on the story (see news reporter with panties on a stick below) and national news blogs picked up the story as well.

News Reporter Finds Panties in Ohio

My other guess? The pantyboy is enjoying all the media attention about his former panties. This is a pantyboy who made a big gesture in tossing them away, but he won’t be able to suppress his panty fetish and will be back in panties soon.

Edited to add: My friend Nicole read this post and suggested: Maybe it was the pantyboy’s wife or girlfriend who threw them out? Personally, I can’t imagine a wife or girlfriend gathering 10 trash bags of panties and tossing them out by the side of the road. No, maybe I can!