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Dear Sara,

My wife doesn’t know that I’m a secret sissy slut. I’m sending you these pics to post on your blog. My wife doesn’t go online. There is always the risk that someone else who knows me might see them, but that is part of the thrill of being one of your secret sissies. Or maybe my secret is now blown. I’m not that worried. At my age, I can’t even be blackmailed. My wife would never divorce me. She’d just be disgusted and say I was a pervert. We haven’t had sex this century. We haven’t had sex since the 80’s sometime. I just put on my little prissy outfits and play with my vibrator and dildo and call beautiful women like you to confess that I like to wear women’s lingerie. Especially red bras and panties. It turns me on. I talk in a girlie voice and have a girlie name that I like to use when I call for sissy phone sex. As soon as I see this blog post go up, I will feel so humiliated, because I paid for it, but I know I deserve the humiliation. I don’t like men, you could say I’m a sissy lesbian. Although I will suck on my dildo. I love being dominated and forced to do it.

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Secret Sissy Slut

23 March, 2014

Dylan at Humiliation POV and I prove that mean girl minds think alike! We both agree that you sissies should be getting real men off. On cam! I make my sissies do sissy cam shows as part of their forced fem training. Sissy fembots are forced to do live sex chat for free via hooking in Yahoo chat rooms to pick up men as the first part of their training. In the second part of their training, sissies are forced to do it for pay by setting up a cam listing on a popular webcam site and then whatever money they make from their camshows is mine! You sissies have to be dressed like bimbettes or Barbies and be ready to use a big fat dildo in every pink hole or do whatever it takes to make a real man cum. There are many men who love watching sissy cams and who want to get off to a crossdressing fag girl or a hot shemale. It’s a form of public humiliation to go live on cam dressed like a sissie gurl and public humiliation is what you deserve.

sissy cam show

Ultimately, you will be making me lots o’ money on cam and then spending it on me, sending me Tributes or buying me eGift Cards to Victoria’s Secret or Amazon so I can shop, shop, shop. You sissies will be pimped out online as my hookers. You know that you are powerless to resist dressing like a bimbo and doing a steamy cam show for a real man while he strokes his huge cock. If you’re lucky, maybe a hung stud will let you play with your itty bitty sissy clitty during one of your sissy cam shows. Click on Dylan above if you want to read about her feelings on doing sissy cam shows and to join the site where she posts all her humiliation video clips.

One of my sissy slaves got a FREE PANTIES Gift Card in the mail from Victoria’s Secret, so I forced my sissy to go sissy shopping at the VS Store and get the free panties. I demanded a full report and photos. Here is what my sissy slave reported back:

Mistress Sara, I went to the VS store like you ordered me to. We discussed that it would be rude not to buy something else and just go in and show the gift card and ask for free panties. A sales girl immediately pounced on me *giggle* when I walked in and asked if she could assist me in making some Spring selections. I selected a pink bra top because I could put my breast forms in it. Then I selected some black yoga pants because they would show off my tush. And then I asked for the free panties. There were only 5 panty selections in different sizes so I got the one on the card here. Sorry I’m too embarrassed to take a pic of me wearing them like you asked. I am such a nervous little sissy *giggle* and not that passable. I mean my body is passable. Androgynous. But my face is too manly. I know I need to see a professional makeup artist like you recommended that I do for some makeup tricks.

Victorias Secret Sissy Lingerie

So now back to Victoria’s. The girl asked if I would like to make any more gift selections and I said no, they weren’t gifts! Shocker! I then added I was shopping for a friend. But I think she knows that means my secret friend sissy me! Near the counter were many of the VS scents, body washes and other girlie things that I felt this urge to buy. Where does that urge come from? Is it a girlie urge? I was out of there at about $100. I know you said the girls work on commission in addition to minimum wage. 10 – 15 – 20% I wonder… I think 10%. From having worked in sales, I think 20% would be too high. So I hope she made an extra $10 from helping me with my sissy selections. I wonder if she told the other girls about me after I left *giggle*.

4 September, 2013

Humiliation Sissy has been busy making sissy crossdresser public humiliation videos for her Youtube Channel. I order you to subscribe to her channel, so you won’t miss any of her future sissy videos! Here she is, dressed a la Strawberry Shortcake with a Katy Perry pink wig, gingham (not gangnam!!) dress and white stockings with cute lil hearts. The pretty sissy goes out fully crossdressed and made up, fierce and fearless! For all of your sissies who only dress up at home and who fear walking out the door as your sissy self, Humiliation Sissy proves that you can get away with going out in public and experience the thrill of being forced to go to different places such as stores, drive-throughs, etc. I don’t want to hear any excuses from you sissy slut bimbettes who only prance around your place, safe and secure, and then stash your girlie stuff till the next time you want to play dress up. Can you imagine just how fast your little heart would be pounding if went out in public as a sissy crossdresser? Don’t you think your Mistress would get more of a rush when you go out, take pics or shoot a sissy humiliation video for her? Don’t you want to be forced to do something you don’t want to? Otherwise, you wouldn’t do it, would you!?! I know you would completely and totally chicken out, then fantasize about daring to go out in public while you play with your clittie. Well, reality is so much hotter. As you can see in this video…

25 September, 2012

I enjoy watching videos where a Mistress makes or takes her forced fem sissy maid (go) out in public. In this video, a sissy maid has to walk into a Rite-Aid store and buy condoms and KY on orders from her Mistress. The sissy looks good all dressed up and made up and even walks like a slut in her heels, on a windy and snowy day no less… The Mistress stayed back in the car and captured the event on video. Public humiliation or public exposure as a sissy or French maid is exciting for sissies to experience. I dream up many public humiliation assignments for sissies and even work on desensitization for sissies who are too scared to walk out their door all dolled up. Oh yes, and I can’t forget to mention that I oversee wig, make-up and outfit selection and transformation from head to toe from a boy into a sissy girl. The sissy featured in this public humiliation video notes that she is also locked in chastity. What Mistress doesn’t enjoy keeping her sissy’s clit locked up? I enjoy controlling when a sissy can rub her clit or be permitted to buzz her clittie with a vibrator or cum in another girlie way and train my sissies to have girl orgasms.

I spoke to the sissy featured in my blog post Sissy Public Humiliation Thrill. The sissy in the youtube video displayed in the public humiliation video told me that her shoe selection (which I criticized for not matching her outfit) was a desperation choice. She readily confessed that her shoes didn’t match her forced fem outfit. Why was this femmy girlie in such a desperation predicament? The answer: Her Mistress was forcing her to do the public humiliation sissy assignment with a deadline and if the forced fem sissy didn’t meet the deadline and get the video up on youtube, the Mistress was going to make her pay a penalty and be outed on the internet.

I will be speaking to this Katy Perry pink-haired sissygirl in the future and I will have her do a public humiliation sissy assignment for me with video proof that she will have to post on youtube for everyone to enjoy…including all of my Forced Fem blog readers of course… If you want to be forced fem or to have a forced feminization public humiliation assignment with deadline and penalty, call me on Niteflirt and you will be forced to do an assignment just for me!

Sissy Humiliation Lingerie Store

Sissies, have you ever dreamed of Sissy Humiliation lingerie store style where the sales girl totally sees right through you and knows you are a little sissy fairy and decides to humiliate you right there? In the store? Don’t think this can’t happen to you little fairy princess fag! Why do you think girls work in lingerie stores anyway? Most of them, like Victoria’s Secret, pay their sales girls on commission, so the smart girls know when they see their new sissy princess prey prance into the store hahaha. You! A little sissy who needs panties, bras, stockings, teddies, slips, corsets, camisoles, bikinis and more sissy stuff! Jocelyn at Humiliation POV has outdone herself with her latest forced fem sissy humiliation video clip where she humiliates you POV style in a lingerie store. Don’t miss this awesome forced fem clip or all the sissy, fairy, faggot and other mean girl clips at the hottest and most frequently updated Humiliation Clips website. Free preview GIFs and free preview videos and humiliation mp3 audio clips, too. What are you waiting for, click on the sissification clip preview above and sign up now so you can rub your little sissy clit and feel the pantyboy sissy humiliation. Do it now!

Some sissies will go out in public for the thrill, some will go out for the humiliation and some will go out because their Mistresses ordered them to. Is public humiliation for sissies the ultimate? For me, sending dressed up sissies out in public is the ultimate kick as a Mistress and should also be the ultimate kick for you sissies. Why hide your beauty? A Sissy Public Humiliation Thrill awaits you if you call me on Niteflirt.

Here we have a pink-haired French maid sissy pumping gas at the gas station. Handling the gas pump. Phallic! The sissy also had to get proof for her Mistress in the form of the video. Then for an extra humiliation kick, she also had to post her video on for more public humiliation and of course this exposes the sissy to thousands of viewers and their comments. Most of the youtube comments were very supportive and complimentary of the sissy except for one comment about her heels didn’t match her outfit. I agree! French maids should be in high heel fuck me pumps, not roman-esque low heel sandals.

Enjoy the sissy public humiliation video and remember while watching it, this could be you! Do you want to be forced to go out in public dressed up as a sissy? Then call me live on Niteflirt to be forced “out” for the ultimate sissy public humiliation!