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Dear Sara,

My wife doesn’t know that I’m a secret sissy slut. I’m sending you these pics to post on your blog. My wife doesn’t go online. There is always the risk that someone else who knows me might see them, but that is part of the thrill of being one of your secret sissies. Or maybe my secret is now blown. I’m not that worried. At my age, I can’t even be blackmailed. My wife would never divorce me. She’d just be disgusted and say I was a pervert. We haven’t had sex this century. We haven’t had sex since the 80’s sometime. I just put on my little prissy outfits and play with my vibrator and dildo and call beautiful women like you to confess that I like to wear women’s lingerie. Especially red bras and panties. It turns me on. I talk in a girlie voice and have a girlie name that I like to use when I call for sissy phone sex. As soon as I see this blog post go up, I will feel so humiliated, because I paid for it, but I know I deserve the humiliation. I don’t like men, you could say I’m a sissy lesbian. Although I will suck on my dildo. I love being dominated and forced to do it.

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Secret Sissy Slut

6 April, 2014

Empress, I am sending you this picture for you to tweet or put on your feminization blog. I am such a little fem. I want to be forced to go further into feminizing including redecorating my condo to be a sissy fem doll house. I found this Hello Kitty house and I would love to live in a sissy girl doll house, totally in pink! I just ordered pink sheets, a pink throw rug, towels, duvet and pillows. I know that’s not enough. I will order more things. I need your guidance. I know I must live like a little femmy fag. I should redecorate everything. I also bought some scented pink candles and air fresheners like you told me to, in very feminine scents. I walked around my condo, and I knew I was supposed to eliminate anything manly, but I really didn’t have anything ultra manly. Except my widescreen tv. And I understand I will have to pay you a monthly tax to keep my widescreen tv and another tax anytime I watch male sports. Believe me, I will not be hosting any more sporting events here at my condo, because I will be too embarrassed to have my friends ever finding out that I love pink things and that I’m living a lie – I’m not a real man.

Pink Sissy